Chop Tong Guan Sdn Bhd (CTG), one of the country's leading fruit importers, is bringing the organic and ordinary mandarin oranges from the countries of Yong Chun in Fujian, and Shantou and Longmen in Guangdong in Southern China.

Tian Tian's non-organic mandarin oranges, already a household name in the local market, have managed to grab a sizable share of the domestic market over the past 18 years because of their fragrance, sweetness, and certain intensity of flavour that appeal to consumers.

According to CTG managing director Koay Swee Aik, in terms of flavour and taste, there is only a slight difference between the organic mandarin and normal mandarin oranges. All Tian Tian mandarin oranges share the same fragrance and zesty flavour, which reflects the quality of fertiliser, soil and and growing method of the orchards in Southern China, Koay says.

"The sales from the last week of Chinese New Year can be as big as 70-80 per cent of total season volumes, so it's vital to have sound knowledge of demographics and inventory control to ensure the stocks of mandarins are available at the right outlet." CTG, which has a sizeable distribution network and infrastructure, is bullish about Chinese New Year demand for mandarins this year. The company plans to import some 4,400 tonnes of organic and conventional Tian Tian mandarins, around 10 per cent more than last year.

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